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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Learn to Access Free Wireless Internet Locations

Do you want to try how to Access Free Wireless Internet Locations?

Learn to Access Free Wireless Internet Locations
wireless access

How to use your mobile phone as modem?

 Access Free Wireless Internet Locations - some wireless modem or router connect to the Internet using the same cellular network as cellular phones use. Cellular networks exist in most areas so Internet access is more widely like of that of using cable modems in accessing Internet. Wireless Access to the internet allows you to check you email or look up your favorite site while waiting your flight at the airport or on the train or even stuck in a traffic.

Do you know that you can use laptop wireless internet access or desktop to the internet?

The reason for wireless access network exists in most mobile phone that has GPRS capabilities. You can also read my article on how to configure you Mobile phones entitled GPRS Setting. But for newly purchase sim you do not need to, because they are already enabled or you may check you WAP homepage from your smart or globe menu. Above icon will appear if you GPRS is activated or not. But if you homepage is OK you may proceed on the steps below please read them.

First you need to buy Bluetooth adaptor and install its software usually a disc is attach when you purchase it and read also the manual for that Bluetooth adaptor for more information about other features and instructions on how to install the software. And also how to connect or bond your Bluetooth device to pair with active one when you try to scan on your Bluetooth main menu. If installation is successful you must restart you pc to see the changes.

A Bluetooth main menu will be display after you restart your computer. Try searching for active Bluetooth device on the main menu and don’t forget to switch on your Bluetooth on your mobile phone. A confirmation is ask whether you accept the bonding or not from your pc. Some mobile phone can manage their files on desktop when you first ask for pairing it’s like connecting a cable from your desktop.

Note: Please don’t forget to turn off you Bluetooth if you not using because you may be attack by some intruder usually for those active Bluetooth device like for mobile phone.

To establish internet connection you must have sufficient load or you may encounter error like connection cannot be found if you lunch your internet browser. You may refer the charges from your smart and globe manual when you purchase your sim.

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